Sexism in Anime and Anime Fandom: A Panel

Did you miss Otakon? Well, I’m sorry. BUT! Fear not, as I have a gift for you that might kind of make up for it. Lawrence Brenner was nice enough to film the panel given by Lauren Orsini and I on Sexism in Anime and Anime Fandom and you can watch it after the break.

Here’s what we’ve got for video. Lawrence doesn’t make it in until the fourth slide, so you’ll see where we go from there. I realize, for you readers, our content is a little thin. Rest assured, Lauren and I both have a LOT more to say when we give the panel in November.

One of my few regrets about the panel is that going to questions too soon cut short our time to share our survey data, but I think I can come up with something to link you all on that in the near future.

And I know I owe you all some text. I’ll get right on it. ^_^


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4 responses to “Sexism in Anime and Anime Fandom: A Panel

  1. Whoa, whoa, did you just talk shit about Maria Holic?

    • the_patches

      Yeah, well… Mariya is one of the things wrong with the Japanese depiction of transgendered people. :P

      • I always saw Mariya as a bit of a parody of those kinds of token transgender characters. Really, I’m not sure there was anything in that show that was being played straight.

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