Twelve Days: Eight Maids-a-Milking

Or: On Queerats and Monarchy

From the New World is the commonly known name of Dvořák’s ninth symphony. It is also the name of a novel by Yusuke Kishi. The anime adaptation of the latter aired between September of last year and March of this. Yes, it did use Dvořák’s ninth.

As many within this ivory tower will attest, episodic blogging is not the most pleasant, or easiest, of things to do. You have to keep up with the series, write something interesting or comical about it within a reasonable amount of time, and you need to keep doing this for every blasted episode[1]. Just the idea of attempting such a thing makes me want to run for the hills.

Despite this, From the New World made me pick up my pen and write. It is for this reason it finds its way onto my list of Moments. I wrote about the series on two separate occasions – following the fifteenth and twenty-first episodes. On both of these occasions I scribbled furiously[2] about Squealer’s[3] plans and ideals, the humans’ society, and how both are unpalatable to an extent.

Unless you happen to have somehow missed my nationality, dear (likely non-existent) reader, I am English. I also happen to be a royalist. I am proud of both. As such, the ideas about society presented in From the New World rather tickled my interest.

Writing about a currently-airing series and topic in which I hold interest was jolly good fun. I stood upon my soapbox in our digital Parliament Square and declared my piece to any who cared to listen. Biased? Certainly, but where’s the fun otherwise.

When I wrote my first post here at A&V[4], I was told to respond to every comment. To engage with the reader as they have engaged with yourself, and other similarly grand and noble things. In my second post on From the New World I have not once touched the comments – after all, who was I to interrupt the little discussion therein. That made me smile too.

Thus I conclude my Moment: a series that actually got me writing, and enjoying said writing.


  1. Of course, there are many who can do this – some even do it well. To those, I can only tip my hat.  ↩
  2. I edited at leisure.  ↩
  3. Or Yakomaru’s, depending on how many episodes you’ve seen.  ↩
  4. Aberrant & Vainglorious: Dissent over Distance  ↩

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  1. I’m offended and I feel nonexistent by this.

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