Twelve Days: Three French Hens

Or: Frequent Shopper Points are Dangerous

Photographing glossy magazines/books with nothing but a camera phone is surprisingly difficult thanks to large splodges of light; so you get something 'arty' instead.

Adorning the cover of Manga Time Kirara’s November 2013 edition is the eponymous leading lady of Shoulder-a-Coffin Kuro. She is portrayed holding a spyglass in what appears to be a clock tower. The magazine also includes, amongst other lesser-known series, a chapter of Yuyushiki. A chapter in which the motherly Yoriko Matsumoto features prominently, and the purple-haired Yukari performs quite the impressive Shaft Head Tilt™.

In the Occident, Kuro is published by Yen Press with three volumes released at time of writing. Satoko Kiyuduki, author and artist to Kuro, has published four volumes in total. The fourth includes stunning pieces of art, and appears to take a more involved look at Kuro’s past and curse. I’ve probably been spoilt; likely not by much, however, as I can’t read or speak Japanese beyond asking where the wine section is.

Whilst it is posisble to know the contents of November’s Manga Time Kirara through a combination of said magazine’s website and images of the magazine that one might happen to stumble across on the internet, it is practically impossible to do the same for Kuro’s fourth volume because apparently nobody in the Occident beyond me reads it. The only other conclusion – that I actually bought them – is correct.

It is not often that I do this sort of thing. International postage and packing is painfully expensive, after all. There’s also the minor detail that I cannot, in fact, read Japanese[1]. It is the rarity of this purchase – a little treat to myself – that makes this today’s Moment. Admittedly, that Kuro is easily one my favourite 4-koma series, doesn’t hurt either.

There you have it: no pretty fights, no nostalgia, no dramatic endings, no furious scribbling, and no moving five hundred miles across the country. Yes, it’s less dramatic than my other days, but I have two nice pieces to add to my hidden collection, and that makes me just as happy. Now, if you will excuse me, I am going to continue repeatedly refreshing Yen Press’ Kuro page.


  1. A problem that should be moving towards a satisfactory solution in the new year. Assuming I can think up a better excuse than ‘nobody translates the silly Japanese comics I want to read’, of course.  ↩


by | December 23, 2013 · 8:45 am

2 responses to “Twelve Days: Three French Hens

  1. I don’t personally read Kuro, but a friend is an avid fan of it. Once we went to a con together and he recognized a person cosplaying as Kuro, coffin and all. When he approached the cosplayer and told him that he recognized the character, the guy lighted up and gave him a big hug. It was cute, if somewhat sad–I doubt anyone else had recognized him that day.

    • A_Libellule

      Ah, a delightful anecdote. I wish I had seen it also. Regardless, at least I can take heart in that there are at least three of us reading it; thank you for reading.

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