Hikoboshi and Orihime

This blog was established as a way of organizing our thoughts on anime that had formerly only been rambling conversations over Skype; discourse over distance.

If you see a post titled “Colloquium” it denotes one of these conversations.  These posts are often not just dual/team posts, but are meant to be a free-flowing conversation, as a true colloquium, an intellectual discourse between two or more people.  Our staff does individual editorials as well, which are categorized by series in the editorials category; however, we want the main focus of our blog to be on discussion.  After all posts, but especially with our colloquia, we strongly encourage you to comment, no matter how mundane or profound you may think it is, to promote the discussion.  We’re all (rather verbose) talkers and want to discuss anime with each other and you, the reader.

Thank you for visiting our blog and please come again!

A_Libellule  was a chap minding his own business on Twitter. After dashing off a few ill-advised remarks about various meta topics, he was summoned to the headmaster’s office and somehow persuaded into writing for a certain blog. When he’s not at university, he can be found watching the world turn in one of the city’s myriad cafés, spending too much time with his nose in a book, and facing the battle of attrition that is the Underground’s Northern Line.

ajthefourth , when she’s not working an unfortunate retail schedule, can be found bemoaning the Red Sox and Packers, running, painting, and fervently wishing that she owned a Bernese Mountain Dog so that she could ride it around like Chiyo-chan from Azumanga Daioh.

bitmap came to write for Altair & Vega after closing down his old blog, Remember XVI.

Blackholeheart is an embarrassingly old weeaboo who was hanging out at the periphery of anime fandom for longer than he cares to say. Due to his former means of employment, if you live in the continental U. S. A. he has likely been closer to your house than you’re probably comfortable with. The last few years have seen him be fairly stationary however. Spending far too much time online lead to his being gang-pressed into writing duties for reasons he’s still not entirely clear on.

When he’s not tending to animals on his farm in the middle of nowhere he’s making a play at being the universe’s most eclectic jack of all trades. He can be found on twitter battling hopelessly broken sleep patterns.

Lily M was recruited for her beautiful and poetic prose on Tiger and Bunny among other series.

The Patches made the mistake of posting a great comment in response to one of vucubcaquix’s Moretsu Pirates posts and was dragged into this blog as a result.

tiboreau was roped into expanding on his insights here after posting concise little 140-character anime reviews on Twitter.

vucubcaquix was hanging around, minding his own business when one day he saw a music tweet from this random crazy girl on twitter and deduced (correctly) that they would have the same music taste.  The next thing he knew, he was coercing her into joining this odd thing called the “SCCSAV,” a group of people that watched anime over Skype.

When he’s not at school, he can be found cleaning tiny lenses at his day job in a small factory, riding his scooter around the city, and watching movies.

10 responses to “Hikoboshi and Orihime

  1. tsurugiarashix

    Interesting duo. Mind if I add you to my blogroll? Just found your site after a mention and read through some the post. Coming back to comment when I can ^^

  2. Stumbled on your blog through 2D’s recent podcast :) I just wanted to say that I loved listening to you guys talk about your meeting and relationship. I look forward to reading you entries!

  3. Maru

    I hope I’m not pushing the boundaries of politeness from one stranger to another (though, inversely, I hope this comment does make enough of an impression that the right person manages to read it!), however, I followed your episodicals of Mawaru Penguindrum very closely. It occured to me that you two have a knowledge of, among other things, philosophy and psychology that the majority of the fandom didn’t have to such an extent. It is for this reason I’ve come to impose upon you two perhaps a suggestion that borders rudeness: could you, perhaps, with your knowledge, write about the densely-packed philosophical/psychological whirlpool of Ergo Proxy? Unfortunately, Ergo Proxy was aired at a time when fandom and discourse over the Internet was not as developed as it was for Mawaru Penguindrum, though I would even dare to say Ergo Proxy is even more tightly woven with allusions and symbolism, though unfortunately it lacks penguins. The discourse, speculation and allusion-pointing-outing is bare – pretty much only the wikipedia summaries of each episode exist, and its a show that I really feel would benefit from a close examination, or even an overview. Of course, you’ve already given the Internet a fantastic episode-by-episode analysis of Mawaru Penguindrum – even if you choose not to do Ergo Proxy I will be looking forward to more from you. Thank-you.

    • Hey! Don’t worry, you’re not overstepping your bounds or anything. One of us is taking a trip over the weekend, so we’ll get back to your answer in more detail when they return.

  4. Excellent blog, and apologies for that double post today. If u could delete the first comment then any record of my slippery thumbs will be expunged from this blog :)

  5. I really enjoyed your “Animecamera” post, and I’m now following your blog. Would you be interested in exchanging blog links? I really need to start connecting with other ones, and your topical interests seem right up my alley.

    • Hey! I’m one of the two founders of this blog, and I just want to say that I appreciate that you’d come forward with this offer to exchange links. Unfortunately our blogroll doesn’t operate on a link-exchange basis, as each blog on there is a result of many months of vetting and has earned a spot of recognition from us for contributing to the larger anime discussion in some way. I’ll be honest in that I’ve never encountered your blog in the larger ‘sphere, but I see a few posts there that seem to be quite interesting. Especially that one on “John Gardner’s Aesthetic Morality.”

      Nevertheless, I’m grateful that you stepped forward, introduced yourself, and thought of us! The best way to connect to others in this ‘sphere is to continually comment on the topics that interest you, and you’ll find these connections will start occurring more often and naturally soon enough.

  6. Greetings, Altair and Vega. I enjoyed your post on Shin Sekai Yori’s first five episode. :) Because of it, I started getting into the series; my blog isn’t like yours, but I would love to exchange links.

  7. I’m really amazed by the variety and quality of your articles, so I nominated you for this “Versatile Blogger Award” :) http://serialoutlet.wordpress.com/2013/01/24/versatile-blogger-award/


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