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Nichijou is a lot “like love.”

"You want to run?"

Nichijou is a comedy series that’s all too often been described as “hit or miss.”  The structure of the episodes is such that the series cuts up bits and pieces of the longer joke segments and juxtaposes them with far shorter, often saccharine, segments that need no set up.  In the first cour of the series, it was the jump rope segments that captured my attention, none of which were more than about 30 seconds long.  They rely on brief physical comedy to break up the overall narrative of the show.  The segments of Helvetica Standard and Short Thoughts also attempt to do the same thing, using different comedic approaches.  This second half of the show has brought another series of fantastic little segments to spice it up.  No, I’m not referring to this, although Nano and Hakase are adorable here, I’m talking about something a bit more “like love.”

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