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Goodbye, little digital magpies

I’ll be brief.

As of tonight this site is going to be effectively shuttered. Later this week, any and all traffic linking to our content will be redirected to our new self-hosted domain:

We began in the summer of 2011. That really does feel like a lifetime ago. We’ve grown and changed, evolved and moved on, and we have a new space to play in.

Update your links, bookmarks, rss feeds, and come on over!

The Untold Story of Altair & Vega | Discourse over Distance


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Twelve Days: Four Colly Birds

Or: Where did all these CDs come from?

I am led to believe The Idolmaster was originally an arcade game. It is now an absurdly large franchise comprising all manner of (likely expensive) things. I do not profess to be an expert, or even well acquainted, with much of it. I did watch the 2011 anime adaptation earlier this year, however. I enjoyed it an awful lot, much to my own surprise.

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Twelve Days: Five Gold Rings

Or: Ion Cannon Do Not Work in Hyperspace

Spelling errors aside, I like his watch

This should have been about Girls und Panzer, but then Space Battleship Yamato 2199 came and blew it out of the water.

Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is a space opera of grand proportions. A remake of Leiji Matsumoto’s 1974 series Space Battleship Yamato, it follows the eponymous ship on a desperate voyage across three galaxies to save our beseiged planet.

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Twelve Days: Seven Swans-a-Swimming

Or: Dancing Ducks and Clever Corvids

An Author and His Duck

Once upon a time, there was a man who died. The man tried to keep spinning a story even after his death, but the story just wouldn’t move along. The man lost patience and called a duck into the story.

Or so narrates the narrator of Princess Tutu at the beginning of its final episode. As a series, it is a bit of an oddity in terms of both presentation and plot. I do not intend to suggest it bad, however, in fact, to my mind, it’s fairly brilliant.

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Old Souls: Constructions of Erotic Realities and Hot And Steamy vol. 1 (NSFW)


Note: This post discusses explicit sex in an explicitly sexual work, and includes images which are not safe for work.

It ought be fairly clear that most pornography is not an accurate reflection of reality. But perhaps more interestingly, different pornographic works inhabit realities which are vastly different from each other. When they divorce themselves from real-world sexual mores, erotic texts are often freed to reinvent sexual morality from scratch.

This is true to all fictional works up to a point, but the dissonance between how strongly sexuality is highlighted in pornography and how often guarded or shameful it is in reality makes the departure consistently, explicitly more noticeable. That said, so long as the author inhabits the real world and real sexual mores, their departure from those mores is clearly marked as a departure.

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Quantification of Art and Commodification of Identity in the Postmodern Age: A Forensic Exploration

ジャスティス by ゴロボッツ

Ichigo Mashimaro


Heartcatch Precure

Sengoku Collection

Hidamari Sketch

Oh, that was easy.

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Surveys On Sexism in Convention Culture

Grand Warlock Alythess cosplay by Ashbrie. Lady Sacrolash cosplay by Sarula

Grand Warlock Alythess cosplay by Ashbrie. Lady Sacrolash cosplay by Sarula (image courtesy of Ashbrie

So, thanks for listening to my feminist ramblings here at Altair and Vega, but now I need your help. I scored a panel on Sexism in Anime and Anime Fandom (with a focus on convention culture) for this year’s Otakon. The bits on anime itself I am working through over at my personal blog (they’re not coherent enough for posting here, since you all deserve better than the slurry that drains out of my mind while I think).

BUT! The for the second half of the panel we’re planning to focus on fan interactions with a specific bent towards conventions. While I’ve been to a few, as has my co-host Lauren Orsini (actually, she submitted the panel request so technically I’m HER co-host), we really want to get a larger picture of convention experience from fans so we can start to get a bird’s eye view of what it’s like to attend a convention. To that effect, we’ve made two surveys that we’d like people to fill out.

Research Survey For Otakon Sexism Panel 2012 – This one is for any of you who’ve attended a convention. We’re trying to get a sense of how people feel at events and how they connect to the community.

Sexism in Cosplay Survey for Otakon 2012 – This one has been out a few days. It’s for you cosplayers out there. If you’ve cosplayed or do so regularly, we’d love for you to take the time to fill it out.

What am I hoping to find? Not entirely sure. Conventions are a welcoming and almost religious space for many people, so our intention is not to harm or ruin that. What we want is to get a sense of how con goers feel about conventions with a minor focus paid to gender. We think that the anecdotal and demographic results from the surveys will help seed our discussion with facts instead of Lauren and I talking for a bit about what we think in isolation.

Does this have any extra relevance to Altair and Vega? OF COURSE. Examining this kind of data and talking about what we found will fit right in on A&V, so look for it once I’ve gotten the panel sorted and presented. Also, I’m hoping to meet up with a number of you at the convention proper–if you’re interested, of course.


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