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Everyone’s Kamijou: Sayaka’s noble effort in Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Sayaka, immediately before her inevitable demise.

“I love you.”

These are very hard words to say to someone for the first time. There’s always the chance that you could be rejected. If you choose to stay in the dark, you may not get the guy/girl, but at least there will still be a chance that you could have your feelings reciprocated. It remains a possibility albeit if only in your own mind. Choose to speak these words and you will be faced with the finality of an answer. The person in question will return your feelings, or they won’t. If they won’t, you will eventually have to accept that fact. In the dark, you face the fear of being rejected every day until you express your feelings; however, you also live with the hope that your love will be returned.
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