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Morality and Agency in Eureka Seven AO

“Could my body be any more inconvenient?”

source: Pixiv

Every move you make is carefully planned. You are limited in your capability, your capacity, your reach. To reach beyond what is allotted to you is met with struggle, strain, and pain. You cannot be frivolous in your actions, for each moment is carefully meted out as though you’re incapable of the responsibility yourself.

How would this color your outlook on life?

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Eureka Seven & Taran Wanderer: The Pastoral Ideals of Ignobility

“Renton, people shouldn’t use up any more energy than what the sun shines down upon us. When you try to use up more than that, you end up having to dig for scubs to drain energy from, or having to build towers. You don’t have to do that. People can survive on what little land they are given to them.”  

~Will Baxter, Eureka Seven

The announcement of Eureka Seven Ao last December sparked my dormant interest in its parent story, a story I began several months earlier and neglected six episodes later. Fueled by Twitter’s enthusiasm, I revisited Eureka Seven, swiftly engrossed in its universe. And as I huddled over the flicker of the 3.5” screen of my iPod Touch during the morning’s wee hours, Renton’s convalescence and education at the hands of William B. Baxter awoke memories of another tale. A tale of a young man on a journey not unlike Renton’s, encountering influential individuals not unlike Will Baxter. That tale was Lloyd Alexander’s juvenile epic, The Prydain Chronicles, and as a youth its perspective on everyday life influenced my own outlook on the world.

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Ouma Shu with a Thousand Faces: Guilty Crown and the Hero’s Journey

"Wait, you mean, I-I'm the protagonist?"

Guilty Crown has taken a lot of criticism since it began airing for falling into the trap of having beautiful production values, but a hollow story at its core. It has made the series highly entertaining to watch, although perhaps not in the same way as the creators had intended, since most of the entertainment comes from unintentional hilarity when the series decides to take itself seriously. This was none so apparent as in Episode 12 of Guilty Crown, where the series attempts to pull off a tried and true storytelling device and fails miserably.

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The Self is an Interesting Burden to “Bear”: The Development of Teddie in Persona 4

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“You are hollow, empty.”


“You have no lost memories. You are but a mere–”

“I’m not listening! I’ll find the answer myself!”

“There is no answer.”

“I’ll look anyway! I may be hollow, but I’m not a useless bear! I don’t wanna disappear. I don’t wanna leave Master and my friends!”

“You would put yourself through more anguish in your quest for answers? Your choice is incomprehensible.”

-a conversation between Teddie and his Shadow in Persona 4, Episode 10

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