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Colloquium: Anime We Would Really Like to See

I expect the storyboard on my desk by next Tuesday.

tiboreau: Last week We Remember Love aniblogger Ghostlightning challenged his readers with an ultimatum. Don’t like some of the anime that airs each season? Well, what type of anime would you like to see—and be creative! Inspired by both the challenge and Ghostlightning’s own creative anime concoction, a few of Altair & Vega‘s writers were motivated to share their own anime concepts. We hope you enjoy!

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The Ani-sphere All Atwitter

Twitter is an intriguing beast. It is one of the two dominant social networks found on today’s internet, and at its simplest, offers one the ability to broadcast one’s thoughts to other people. Admittedly anywhere on the internet is now wont to do this, however, twitter’s defining trait lies in its limit of 140 characters per post. One could perhaps argue it a social network centred about brevity.

Having such a limitation, presumably it can be dismissed? Not worthy of one’s attention?

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Unmasking Mamoru Chiba: A Character Study

source: pixiv

“Endymion the shepherd,
as his flock he guarded,
She, the Moon, Selene,
saw him, loved him, sought him,
coming down from Heaven
to the glade on Latmus,
kissed him, lay beside him.
Blessed is his fortune.
Evermore he slumbers,
tossing not nor turning,
Endymion the shepherd.”


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The Self is an Interesting Burden to “Bear”: The Development of Teddie in Persona 4

source: pixiv

“You are hollow, empty.”


“You have no lost memories. You are but a mere–”

“I’m not listening! I’ll find the answer myself!”

“There is no answer.”

“I’ll look anyway! I may be hollow, but I’m not a useless bear! I don’t wanna disappear. I don’t wanna leave Master and my friends!”

“You would put yourself through more anguish in your quest for answers? Your choice is incomprehensible.”

-a conversation between Teddie and his Shadow in Persona 4, Episode 10

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Today’s Slogan: The Role of Double H in Mawaru Penguindrum, Episodes 19 through 24

"Let us share the fruit of fate!" source: pixiv

Now that Mawaru Penguindrum is finished, the characters were who we thought they were (or were not), and the symbolism-heavy ending has everyone loving or denouncing the series with all of their heart, it’s time to make good on a promise. Here are some interpretations of Double H’s train slogans from episodes 19 through 24.

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Fate/Zero 11 and the Theories of Kingship

Holy Grail Dialogue

source: Pixiv

This week’s Fate/Zero proved to be incredibly interesting, despite the relatively static setting. We find the three servants seated and sharing a drink, discussing what it means to be a king and the philosophies that each hold to what that means. How this tête-à-tête plays out amounts to a verbal skirmish between the characters that doesn’t seek to draw blood, but rather to know each other and their thoughts more personally. Their theories on what it means to be a king were very fascinating to me.

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Today’s Slogan: The Role of Double H in Mawaru Penguindrum, Episodes 13 through 18

"Gogai, gogai, gogai!" source: pixiv

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Today’s Slogan: The Role of Double H in Mawaru Penguindrum, Episodes Seven through 12

Like Himari, sometimes we need a little help figuring things out. That's where Double H comes in! source: zerochan

This next series of episodes, specifically Episode Nine, mark a tonal shift in Mawaru Penguindrum‘s presentation. Much of this is owed to the closing of Ringo’s story arc. As we discover just exactly what Ringo’s been up to, it leads us into a whole other universe of speculation and conflict involving the Takakura and Oginome family pasts, and a certain horrific event in Japanese history.

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“Act like a married couple.” The Romance of the Baseball Battery in Anime and Manga.

article and header image by: ajthefourth

I will dedicate the next three years of my life to you if it will make you stop crying!

The sweat, the tears, the possibility of blood and other injury, burgeoning romances between players (okay, so maybe that’s simply wishful thinking on my part); baseball provides an easy setting for drama, especially in Japanese cartoons, comics, live-action television and movies.  One of the more interesting baseball concepts in Japan, and one that isn’t applied to baseball in the same way in the United States, is the idea of the battery.

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Hagu’s Choice: Romantic Love Versus Reality in Honey and Clover

art and article by: ajthefourth

Nine times out of ten, when I discuss Honey and Clover with someone, their response is always something along the lines of, “Ah!  That made me so sad!  I wanted Shinobu and Hagu to end up together!”  When I disagree, their reaction typically trends to one of extreme disgust.  In the series’ defense, here’s a bit more insight into why Hagu chooses who she does, and why it’s actually the best, and most realistic, choice.

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