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Guest Colloquium: The Idolm@ster Episode 1

a guest post by: 2-DT and Yi

2DT:  Idols in Japan are tautologies of fame.  Sure, sometimes they sing and dance, or do seiyuu work (Apparently Nakagawa Shouko’s star ascended through the sheer digital weight of her obsessive blogging–  not a bad feat, that).  But in the end, we mustn’t forget that they’re famous because they’re famous.  They’re propelled mostly by personality, and by the dreams that those personalities sell.  I’m talking about some very lonely dreams, of course.

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Colloquium: Kamisama no Memochou 1 part B

"Tarnish the living to maintain the honor of the dead. Tarnish the dead to comfort the living."

ajthfourth: It’s another lovely, if a bit muggy, evening.  A perfect time to wrap up our viewing of Kamisama no Memochou, which, despite an out-of-place fanservice moment, maintained its focus on how various people gather and process information in an age where information bombards our senses at a frenetic pace.

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