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Hold the Line With Me: Chronicling Relationships in Tsuritama

“Tapioca, I don’t like such stifling relationships.”

-Akira Agarkar Yamada, Tsuritama Episode Three

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Hook, Line, and Sinker: Audible Distinction in Tsuritama

Only these boys know what they're thinking...and even then...

It’s an odd world, the one that most of us carry inside of our own minds. We may build things up and tear them down in the next instant. As viewers, we are often privy to the thoughts that flicker through our protagonists’ minds, with the idea behind this being one of furthering our understanding of the lead character’s motivations. Why, exactly, are they doing what they are doing? More often than not, we are given this information freely, and don’t think on it too much. It’s a style of direction that’s tried and true, expected, and natural to a viewing audience.

So what happens if the director of a series suddenly decides to point this out?

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