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Horizon on the Middle of Something Big

And just like that, in walked trouble. “Vuc, I need a favor.”

Day is not the type of dame one can refuse so easily. She’s more of a self-contained force of nature barreling down wherever she pleases. Knowing this, I set my rather significant textbook down and try to proceed as cautiously as possible. “I don’t know if I can help you, but I can sure listen to you.”

“Something’s happening. I can’t go into details, but I need you to tail someone for me.”

I didn’t like the sound of that at all.

“The thing is, I came across a tidbit and I need you to help me out. I had a few others on this, but honestly they weren’t able to make any sense out of it. You see this girl, Horizon? She’s in the middle of something big.”

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Colloquium: Anime We Would Really Like to See

I expect the storyboard on my desk by next Tuesday.

tiboreau: Last week We Remember Love aniblogger Ghostlightning challenged his readers with an ultimatum. Don’t like some of the anime that airs each season? Well, what type of anime would you like to see—and be creative! Inspired by both the challenge and Ghostlightning’s own creative anime concoction, a few of Altair & Vega‘s writers were motivated to share their own anime concepts. We hope you enjoy!

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Moretsu Pirates Episode 1


There is a promise being made here. Through girls in pirate outfits, shiny tech in somewhat familiar settings, the juxtaposition of the romantic mores of pirating society with that of the mundanity of adolescent schooldays and the high adventure of the most open frontier.

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“Encore un moment!” The Role of the Comtesse Du Barry in Rose of Versailles

The Comtesse, scheming her way up the social ladder.

The story of Rose of Versailles is a well-known one (as is its influence in other successful series like Revolutionary Girl Utena), partially ripped from the scandalous and eventually bloody headlines of the French Revolution.  It follows the Lady Oscar de Jarjayes, who has been raised as a boy her entire life and rises to a prominent position as head of the French royal guard, becoming a retainer of sorts for Marie Antoinette.  The story primarily focuses on Oscar and Marie; however, ten episodes into the series, my attention was captured by another fairly prominent historical figure and character: The Comtesse duBarry.

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