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Mariko From Above: The Birth of an AKB0048 Successor

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“Maybe it’s arrogant to talk of supporting Acchan, but I succeeded 0048’s captain, Takahashi Minami. So I decided that I had to change. I had to be strong enough to support Acchan. That’s what I thought.”

-Minami “Takamina” Takahashi the 5th, AKB0048 Episode 20

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The Succession of Takamina the Sixth: A Captain’s Role and Character

“I’m crushing her dream for the sake of my own.”

“What’s wrong with that?

We all care about those girls.

But your dream is what matters above all.”

-Yuuko Ooshima the Ninth

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AKB0048, Universal Nostalgia, and the Power of the Pop Idol

“I wanted to meet you…YES!”

Do you remember the pop songs you listened to when you were young?

More importantly, disregarding their ability to jog your misty-water colored memories, do you still listen to those songs now? For most, the answer to this question is “No.”

Tastes change as we grow older and experience different things, as does the music of our once-favorite performers. Often, the most choice earworms are doomed to be brought out only when one wants to remember hamming it up in the elementary school talent show dancing to Whoomp! (There It Is). These songs have a staying power all their own that has nothing to do with the song and everything to do with the sepia-tinged nostalgia that we assign to these songs ourselves.

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That Lingering Feeling, part 3

We’re a certain breed. Chances are that if you’re reading this, you go out of your way to consume media that was meant primarily for a foreign audience. Yet, rather than be content with consuming just what is easiest for us over a television signal, we download special programs, specific players, mess with codecs, and seek out like-minded volunteers who have built an entire infrastructure on the internet just to watch these stories that were written in another language. We’re so wholeheartedly dedicated to these stories, and really to the idea of stories in general, that we sing out and celebrate what speaks to us in a multitude of ways. Sometimes literally.

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There’s Something About Idolm@ster…

" But the trap is set, your naiveté will be your end."

Whenever a new season is announced, there’s always a rush among writers to cover as many series as possible, in hopes of discovering their next favorite show to cover.  One can’t deny the excitement in this flurry of activity as preseason hopes are met, dashed, or exceeded; even those who take the cynical, “Everything this season is going to be terrible,” approach giddily throw themselves in with vigor, possibly with the glimmer of hope that they may be proven wrong.

It was with this same giddiness that I initially watched the first episode of The Idolm@ster, along with the curiosity that arose from this guest post on our blog by 2DT and Yi.  The first episode was interesting enough (in particular its presentation, which is the focus of their discussion in the article linked above), but nothing reached out and grabbed me, compelling me to watch more.  There were other series that had made a better case for continued viewing, and I wasn’t familiar with the Idolm@ster franchise at all, so it didn’t appear to be anything special.

One sleepless night and seven additional episodes later, I’m happy to have been proven wrong.

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Guest Colloquium: The Idolm@ster Episode 1

a guest post by: 2-DT and Yi

2DT:  Idols in Japan are tautologies of fame.  Sure, sometimes they sing and dance, or do seiyuu work (Apparently Nakagawa Shouko’s star ascended through the sheer digital weight of her obsessive blogging–  not a bad feat, that).  But in the end, we mustn’t forget that they’re famous because they’re famous.  They’re propelled mostly by personality, and by the dreams that those personalities sell.  I’m talking about some very lonely dreams, of course.

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