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The Trust of Haruhi Suzumiya: Day of Sagittarius and Character Development

"jiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. . ."

“You’re going to feign ignorance? No, it’s possible that you don’t realize how much Suzumiya trusts you and you, in turn, trust her…Neither of you may express it in words, but the two of you are connected by an almost ideal bond of trust.”

-Itsuki Koizumi, The Rampage of Haruhi Suzumiya– Day of Sagittarius

In order for one to trust another, they must not only have confidence in the other person, but also have enough self-worth and confidence to figuratively let themselves go. One cannot simply proclaim their trust in another, especially in fiction. It has to be established, nuanced, and well-developed in order to be believable.

Ladies and gentlemen, presenting a franchise you may not have thought of in a little while: Haruhi Suzumiya.

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