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Unmasking Mamoru Chiba: A Character Study

source: pixiv

“Endymion the shepherd,
as his flock he guarded,
She, the Moon, Selene,
saw him, loved him, sought him,
coming down from Heaven
to the glade on Latmus,
kissed him, lay beside him.
Blessed is his fortune.
Evermore he slumbers,
tossing not nor turning,
Endymion the shepherd.”


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The Bitterness of Town of Evening Calm, Country of Cherry Blossoms

I spent the majority of the afternoon today reading this manga that I had picked up at a Borders fire sale earlier this spring. What took me this long to finally read, I can not say. And truth be told I’ve yet to finish it, but that isn’t meant to be a commentary on any perceived lack of quality to be found here, but rather the contrary. After about 35 pages, I nearly began to weep.

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Diary of a Manga Lived: Dreams, Parental Pride, and Twin Spica

“Asumi, your dad wasn’t angry because you took the test on your own, or even because you didn’t tell him anything.

He was angry because the little girl who used to talk about her dreams has vanished.”

-Lion, Twin Spica Volume One

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“Act like a married couple.” The Romance of the Baseball Battery in Anime and Manga.

article and header image by: ajthefourth

I will dedicate the next three years of my life to you if it will make you stop crying!

The sweat, the tears, the possibility of blood and other injury, burgeoning romances between players (okay, so maybe that’s simply wishful thinking on my part); baseball provides an easy setting for drama, especially in Japanese cartoons, comics, live-action television and movies.  One of the more interesting baseball concepts in Japan, and one that isn’t applied to baseball in the same way in the United States, is the idea of the battery.

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Love, Sex, and Nozoki Ana (NSFW)

Disclaimer: Material covered in this post, and related images, are decidedly not safe for work. In spite of the fact that they are not being used to titillate, but to hopefully support points brought up in this article, I highly recommend that you do not read this post in a work environment specifically due to the sensitive nature of these images.  Thank you, and please enjoy the post.

There are many integral parts to the development of a romance, most of which have been used so frequently over time that they have (barring a gentle touch and fantastic execution) become bullet points on a checklist.  One of these points is specifically designed to sweep up the audience’s attention in a crescendo of emotional gratification: the confession scene.
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