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Moretsu Pirates Episode 10

It's not what you think!

Wait! What’s this?! What do we have here? Chiaki! What are you doing? What’s with the get-up? Were you… posing?

I wasn’t the only one laughing was I? What made it funny? Well, I can’t quite answer that, but it’s obvious that we were meant to make the comparison between Chiaki and Marika in the regalia. With that in mind, I think it’s important to note that that was the underlying theme of this week’s episode.

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Moretsu Pirates Episode 4

A curious thing happens when you’re in outer space, when the context of terra firma is taken from you. You realize that phrases like “left” and “right” are suddenly a lot less valuable than they once were, as the meanings ascribed to them conflict from person to person.

In space, there is no absolute direction.

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