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That Lingering Feeling, part 1

Rather early on in my fandom, I came across a pair of posts that discussed what the role of the opening and ending to an episode of anime is. It’s rather easy to define what an opening’s purpose is. That role is one that is meant to prepare and set the audience’s expectations through animation and music, and which sets the tone for the story at the beginning. Ballads, j-rock, j-pop, high energy, low energy, the mood that the creators mean to set is limited only to the vision and talent of the composers involved in the project.

What seemed to elude clearer definition however, was the role of the ending. When I posed this question, the answers that came back were clearly a lot more personal, abstract. My favorite endings leave a sort of mental residue that stays with you as the episode closes out, lingering like a strong memory of an important event that happened to you sometime in the past. Mawaru Penguindrum’s Dear Future achieves something to this effect.

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Emotion, Reaction, and Analysis: Steins;Gate 13


The heart of the whole operation.

Episode 13 exemplifies why Steins;Gate as a whole is such a successful series; combining solid character interaction and  a semi-realistic science fiction plot.  The home grown, accidental nature of their time machine is something that hasn’t been so well addressed since a similar situation in the movie Primer (The situation being the development of the time machine, not the situations that arise because of its creation.  In that respect, the two are different beasts).  This development of a real, working time machine is nicely enveloped in seemingly one-off conversations between the characters; cementing their relationships in our mind while also just being genuinely funny and well-written.

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