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The Ani(ca)me(ra) and Lensing a Critical Lens

It’s more than likely that, in the recent past, you’ve seen a film. It’s equally likely that you’ve watched an episode of anime. It likely wouldn’t surprise you if I were to state that both have much in common. This, we assume, is a given; both are distinctly visual media. After all, in spite of their numerous differences (voice-acting, acting, audience), what strikes us first and foremost is that the objects of fascination in both are images. We don’t read, we don’t listen, and we don’t even partake in; we saw, we’ve seen, we’ll see[1].

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Binbou-gami ga! Episode 2

This week, Binbou-gami ga! doubled down on everything that made the first episode great. The gags were more plentiful and more carefully-designed, the pacing less distracted by a need to introduce the setting. In particular, this episode increased the focus on quick sight gags.

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